Course Details

Do you want to play in a band or become a singer? Do you see music as a therapeutic escape from everyday hustle? Do you aspire to create your own music someday? If your answer to any of the above questions is affirmative, you have come to the right place. Music is a language that knows no boundaries. Here, we provide a Variety of courses, be it Guitar, Singing, Keyboard or Dance.


The Minimum Joining period for all our courses is 6 months.


The classes are conducted mostly on Weekends. The Batch timing will be assigned to you according to your course, at the time of Joining!

Course Fee

The Course Fee is $399 USD for 6 Months (one time payment).

Our Instalment options include:
2 Instalments of $225 USD each - The first Instalment is to be paid at the time of joining, and the other within 3 months ( Total Fee - $450 USD )

3 Instalment of $160 USD each - These Instalment have to be paid in the first 3 Months
( Total Fee - $480 USD )


We take students above the age of 7 years. There are separate batches for Kids and Adults.

Registration Process

Before Joining, A demo session has to be booked for $10 USD, where you will be able to interact with your instructors. They will demonstrate the Entire Course content in a 20 minute Session. Alternatively, if you want to try out a class, and Take the demo session as well, you can book your Demo + First Class for $30 USD.

To register for the Demo Please contact us at: +91 9990760606 or visit the Demo Page on our website.



Various Certifications are available Based on different courses.

- The Students who Successfully complete One year Guitar Course
( Beginners Course + Advanced Course) will be provided with The Certificate, on Completion of One Year Guitar Course with My Guitar Academy

- Diploma in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music (Prayag Sangeet Samiti)

- Grades in Guitar - From Trinity College, London

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed timeline to learning an instrument. It would completely depend on the time devoted for regular practice. We recommend an everyday practice of 20-25 minutes to be able to get your hands on the instrument.
Our course lessons are structured over a minimum of 6 months and we recommend taking up the complete course to get the full benefit out of the course.
We do offer a Course Completion Certificate on successfully completing the levels. The student will be evaluated by the instructor before offering the Certificate.
Our team will be able to recommend the Guitar based on the student requirements in terms of the age, height and comfort.
For beginners, a minimum of 20-25 minutes of everyday practice is recommended which could be extended over the period of course.
Additional Tip –
• One practice session can be split into two halves of 10 minutes each initially to make the practice easier.
98% of our students are complete beginners. You do not need a musical background but definitely the passion to learn and practice consistently.
We have a structured Course material for each lesson. The student will have access to written notes, recorded audio and video lessons for daily practice.
The recommended age is 7 years and above. However, we strongly recommend that the child joins at his free will and his own interest.
The student needs to buy their own instrument. Our team can recommend the instrument based on the preferences in terms of price range and utility.
The course fee is strictly non-refundable. However, we do understand the situations beyond our control and would be happy to accommodate you as per your availability in our future classes.
The session would be a group session of 8-10 students with a One to One focus throughout the Session.
Every student is allowed one cover up session each month. These sessions can be scheduled on mutual availability of the student and the instructor. Any cover up classes missed beyond the offered session is purely at the discretion of the Academy.